"From day one we envisaged a platform that would genuinely benefit the veterinary community. Today, as we unveil this significant update, we’re closer than ever to realizing that dream," said Dr. de Kock.

Vetpocket™ Releases Groundbreaking App Update: Setting New Standards for Veterinary Apps & Digital Tools

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PHOENIX, Sept. 5, 2023 — Vetpocket, a leader in the digital landscape of the veterinary community, proudly announces the roll-out of its biggest and most significant app enhancement to date: Vetpocket 2.1.

With half a decade in the industry, the company’s dedication and focus on innovation is evident in this new release. It aims to redefine what support from a veterinary app looks like, making high-quality and effective digital tools readily available to the veterinary community, at an affordable and accessible price point.

Since inception of the vet app in 2018, co-founders Dr. Danelia de Kock, Jackson Hines and Kevin Bedard have ensured Vetpocket™ is unwavering in its commitment to veterinary professionals and students worldwide, and have built a loyal following of over 45,000 global users.

“From day one we envisaged a platform that would genuinely benefit the veterinary community. Today, as we unveil this significant update, we’re closer than ever to realizing that dream,” said Dr. de Kock.

Inside Vetpocket™ 2.1: Where Innovation Meets Necessity

Accessible via the Apple App Store and Google Play, Vetpocket 2.1 launches today and is packed with market-leading features, including:

  • 11 Life-Saving Vet Calculators: The new Blood Gas and Chocolate Toxicity calculators, among others, promise to be indispensable to the daily tasks of veterinary professionals and students, offering rapid results.
  • Dr. D’s Digital Notebook: Spearheaded by the esteemed Dr. Danelia de Kock, who is a co-founder of Vetpocket™, this personal collection offers a wealth of medical notes and reference cards. With her expansive veterinary background, Dr. de Kock brings a global perspective and unmatched expertise to the platform.
  • 100+ Pre-Filled Drugs: Streamline drug dosage calculations with over 100 pre-filled, handpicked drugs categorized into 13 groups for veterinary medicine, making a daunting task surprisingly straightforward. Users can also personalize their drug lists, edit entries to align with their practices, and quickly access favored drugs using the ‘Favorites’ feature. The intuitive categorization and search bar ensures immediate drug retrieval, enhancing efficiency.

Having run the app for veterinary professionals and students successfully for five years, Vetpocket has been instrumental in transforming the practices of thousands. This latest iteration, Vetpocket 2.1, stands as their most comprehensive and user-centric update yet. Built upon continuous feedback from the community and developments in veterinary technology, it’s optimized to meet the ever-evolving needs of its users.

Dr. Danelia de Kock is a South African-born veterinarian and the influential face and co-founder of Vetpocket—she reflects on the journey, “Our mission with Vetpocket was always clear; to simplify the lives of our peers. This latest update embodies that mission, combining my personal experiences in the field with the technological expertise of our development team, to create the best veterinary app on the market.”

The Times Are Changing: Addressing the Veterinarian Shortage Crisis

An article published July 18, 2023 by The Week highlighted the intensifying veterinarian shortage crisis in the U.S.  attributing it partly to an unexpected surge in pet adoptions during the pandemic combined with the retiring baby boomer generation of vets. This has left fewer vets to cater to a ballooning pet population.

The consequent increased demand on their time and skills is undeniable. Vetpocket 2.1 emerges in this scenario as a lifeline and leader amongst apps for veterinary clinics. The tool is geared to substantially lessen time constraints and complex calculation burdens, allowing veterinary professionals to focus on their primary mission—compassionate animal care.

User-Centric: Vetpocket’s Ongoing Engagement

Feedback from the veterinary community has been instrumental in shaping Vetpocket™. After their recent attendance at a conference with over 1000 participants, the team received invaluable insights. “We were amazed by the positive feedback and the genuine excitement about our platform. But we also took notes on where we can improve,” shared Kevin Bedard.

Coupled with their strong online presence, with a combined following of tens of thousands on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, Vetpocket has fostered a robust feedback loop. This ensures that every new feature or update is a direct response to the community’s needs.

Commitment to the Community

With over 45,000 global users, Vetpocket‘s commitment to the veterinary community remains clear.

Their dedication is further showcased in their pricing structure— they offer a free basic version for all users, or an accessible auto-renewing monthly subscription at $6.99/month, allowing users to access their entire suite of tools and a vast content library.

The app launches today, September 5th, and is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

About Vetpocket™

Vetpocket™ is dedicated to empowering the veterinary community with innovative tools and educational content. With a mission to streamline veterinary tasks, Vetpocket‘s app offers a blend of calculators, reference cards, and a digital notebook, positioning itself as an indispensable tool in the veterinary world.

To learn more, visit vetpocket.co or stay updated by following @vetpocket across their social media channels.