A Better Way to Practice
Veterinary Medicine

We envision a future where advanced tools and knowledge seamlessly empower veterinary professionals and students, elevating care for all animals.

Meet the team

Kevin Bedard

Founder & CCO

Kevin Bedard is a co-founder of Vetpocket, renowned for his innovative approach to user experience and design within the veterinary tech space. With a distinguished 17-year career in the video game industry, Kevin brings a wealth of expertise in UX/UI design, brand vision, and creative marketing to Vetpocket. His passion for creating immersive and intuitive user experiences has been pivotal in making Vetpocket’s tools both effective and engaging for veterinary professionals and students. Kevin’s visionary leadership and commitment to excellence have not only shaped Vetpocket’s aesthetic and functional identity but have also set new standards for usability and accessibility in veterinary education and practice.

Dr. Danelia de Kock

Founder & CVO

Dr. Danelia de Kock, co-founder of Vetpocket, uniquely bridges the worlds of veterinary medicine and mathematics, showcasing her unparalleled commitment to advancing animal care through innovation. Her academic journey began with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mathematics from Arizona State University, a foundation that honed her analytical prowess. Driven by a deep-seated passion for veterinary science, Dr. de Kock pursued and achieved her DVM degree from Ross University, marking the start of her distinguished career in veterinary medicine. With her profound expertise in both fields, she has been instrumental in creating Vetpocket’s revolutionary tools and resources. Specializing in small animal medicine, she leverages her diverse knowledge to empower veterinary professionals and students, ensuring Vetpocket remains at the forefront of technological advancements in veterinary care.

Jackson Hines

Founder & CTO

Jackson Hines, a co-founder of Vetpocket, brings to the team an unparalleled expertise in software engineering and a proven track record of solving complex challenges. With over a decade of experience in the video game industry, Jackson has honed his skills in developing robust and innovative software solutions. A graduate of the University of California, San Diego, his technical acumen and forward-thinking approach have been instrumental in the creation and success of the Vetpocket app. Jackson thrives on tackling intricate problems, ensuring Vetpocket stays at the forefront of technology, providing veterinary professionals and students with tools that are not only advanced but also intuitive and reliable.